Texture Power House Bundle Procreate Brush Sets

Procreate Heavy Duty Texture Brushes 20-Pack (License Type)
Procreate Subtle Texture Brushes 14-Pack (License Type)
Fairy Dust Procreate Noise Texture Brush 12-Pack (License Type)

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The Texture Power House Bundle Procreate Brush Sets will help you create stunning digital art with ease. These ultra-realistic brush sets provide realistic textures and gradients for a professional look that can be used to replicate traditional art media. Each brush set contains more than twenty brushes with settings that allow for advanced blending of colors and textures. Create masterpieces with this one-of-a-kind bundle.

You will receive 46 Procreate brushes that covers all the noise levels to spice up your next illustration projects.

Creative thinking

Three cultures

Esther Nariyoshi has deep love for the 3 distinctive cultures she has lived in: Chinese, Brazilian, and US. Her artistic perspective often echos her experience and memories from the past. She uses traditional mediums as well as digital.

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